5 reasons why a first-night can be awkward in Indian arranged marriages

5 reasons why a first-night can be awkward in Indian arranged marriages

By: Ritika shree
05 Sep 2017

Thanks to Bollywood movies, we all have (or had) a rosy picture of what a first-night experience would be like after marriage. The shy bride, the confused yet over-confident groom inside a ostentatiously decorated room leave nothing to one’s imagination. But the reality might be completely different when it comes to arranged marriages. Here’s why:

This is a super humiliating minute when your whole faction recognizes what you folks will do. Regardless of the possibility that you are excessively worn out and basically need, making it impossible to nap off, your cousins, aunties and uncles will never release the open door—they won't just escort you to the room however split jokes you can presumably do best without.

What's with every one of the improvements? You may like it or not, but rather there will be blossoms and here and there a couple of innovative masters of the family will fill the live with humiliating endowments. Try not to be astonished on the off chance that you get a bundle of condom or a container of ointment!

In most arranged marriages, couples generally spend more time making elaborate plans for the wedding rather than getting to know each other better. So, when they actually spend the first night together, they realise they are with a ‘familiar’ stranger, who’s now their life partner.

Since most of the couples do not know each other well, how can one expect them to be naked and comfortable with each other?

What can be more regrettable than an ungainly first night? The following morning, obviously! On the off chance that your close relatives and uncles are still around, don't be humiliated on the off chance that they pass cautious grins or discuss your family arranging! It may be a joke for them, yet it can be exceptionally cumbersome for the love birds.