CWG scam: PAC gives clean chit to former PM Manmohan Singh

CWG trick: PAC gives clean chit to previous PM Manmohan Singh
By: Ritika shree
12 Apr 2017

In a major help to previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament has given him a spotless chit in 2010 Commonwealth Games trick.

The PAC Chairman K.V. Thomas today said that the Committee has discovered "nothing that the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) outed of the way".

The PAC report will be tabled in Parliament tomorrow.

"You will get the whole report tomorrow. One essential point is that there is nothing against the then Prime Minister in it... Everything is highly contrasting," Thomas told columnists outside the House.

"There was a meeting led by the Prime Minister, choices were taken, and when the minutes (of the meeting) came, the then Sports Ministry said the soul of the choices was not conveyed in the minutes," Thomas said.

"There is nothing that Manmohan Singh or the PMO has done off the beaten path," he included.

He said there was unanimity on the discoveries and finishes of the report, and brought up that in the 24-part PAC, just four individuals were from the Congress party while the BJP has 12 individuals.

On the postponement in introducing the write about the Commonwealth Games, Thomas said it was because of the vast number of reports that the PAC needs to experience.

Over the most recent three years, the PAC under Thomas has introduced 73 reports up until this point and the 74th report is slated to be tabled on Wednesday.

He said the PAC give an account of the 2G range deal will be tabled in Parliament before April 31, which is the last working day of the present Committee today .