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Goonda raj returns? Tejashwi Yadav's watchmen target recorders, restore dull recollections of Lalu-Rabri days
By: Ritika shree
13 Jul 2017

Bihar vice president minister Tejashwi Yadav propelled an attack against the media on Wednesday, calling them "disappointed BJP-minded goondas" who were out to separate the ruling grand coalition in Bihar.

Tejashwi has been in the spotlight as of late in view of a variety of defilement charges leveled against him and his family and his involvement with shell organizations and benami properties.

Within hours of Tejashwi's verbal assault, his men and individual security protects from Bihar Police thrashed media people when they offered tough conversation starters to the vice president minister.

Record picture of RJD boss Lalu Prasad Yadav and Bihar vice president minister Tejashwi Yadav. PTI

The incident restores fears of the poorly celebrated around the world goonda raj of the Lalu-Rabri administration, unleashed in the state for a long time – from 1990 till 2005. In spite of the fact that JD(U's) Nitish Kumar is currently the central minister, RJD remains the 'senior part' in the ruling RJD-JD(U)- Congress coalition.

What is particularly troubling for any ordinary native of Bihar is that Tejashwi's sarkari safari-suit clad goons beat up writers in full general visibility, under the glare of a few TV cameras at the State Secretariat in Patna. The assailants unmistakably had no worries about the general population picture of their pioneer Tejashwi and the whole Yadav family, nor did they fear law or open shock.

This essentially implies that Tejashwi and his gathering men trust that they are exempt from the rules that everyone else follows and open soul. On another level, it mirrors the franticness of Lalu's political beneficiary. The Yadav tribe individuals are maybe getting a feeling that things are spiraling crazy and have understood that the 'might is correct' approach may be their exclusive way out.

Fending off the claims, Tejashwi just stated: "How might I indulge in defilement at an age when I hadn't grown a moonch (mustache)?" His other guard was that he had a place with a retrogressive caste family.

"How might I be involved in a criminal trick at that age? I have been vice president minister for a long time and am doing advancement work for Bihar. Modi used to fear Laluji but now he is dreadful of me as well, a 28-year-old. The case documented against me is a political quarrel. We won't rest until the BJP is removed from the entire of India."

Directing his outrage towards the media, he stated: "Some of you constitute BJP-minded media... some new goondas have come in media who are disappointed that the grand coalition in Bihar is going solid. The grand coalition is indestructible."

The pertinent inquiry is: Should Tejashwi, who now wears a mustache and a facial hair, fall back on unleashing his goons to beat the individuals who were just doing their obligation as columnists.

The RJD has dependably been dreaded by the general population in Bihar, which is absolutely why Lalu and his faction were disposed of in 2005 (Assembly decisions), 2009 (General), 2010 (Assembly) – when Rabri lost races from both the voting public she challenged – and 2014 (General). Lalu prevailing in the 2015 Assembly surveys just when he lined up with Nitish's JD(U), and an earlier responsibility that Nitish would be boss minister.

The assault on media people will undoubtedly have extreme ramifications for Nitish, who was at that point in a tight spot over the arrangement of debasement allegations leveled against practically each and every individual from the Yadav family.

Nitish's notoriety for being Sushashan Babu (administration man), who set right lawfulness in the state – earned during his 2005-2015 rule – is under danger now. Wednesday's assault on media people by his agent's men would make it incumbent on him to enroll a case against state policemen and RJD men exhibit at the spot. Nitish is likewise minister accountable for the home ministry.

The issue for Tejashwi and the RJD originates from the fact that not just have the focal investigative offices – CBI, Income Tax Department, Enforcement Directorate – fixed their grasp around them, Nitish now seems prepared to take a tough position on the issue.

A day before, Nitish had given a four-day deadline to the RJD to confess all on the defilement allegations against its top pioneers.

Responding to Nitish, Tejashwi lashed out at the BJP for what he called 'politically spurred assaults against him and his family.' He was trying to make his family's debasement endeavor into an emotive issue, to speak to his gathering's center social body electorate.

It's evident that what stresses the Yadav family the most are the prompt ramifications – their continuance in the Bihar government remains in a precarious situation.

What Lalu, Rabri, Tejashwi, Tej Pratap, Misa, Ragini, Chanda and their supporters in Congress party have helpfully forgotten is that the strikes and FIRs enrolled by the CBI had essentially come after investigations done on voluminous reports put together by Nitish's trusted gathering partners to then head administrator, Manmohan Singh, in 2008.

The Congress-drove UPA government dozed over those records for a long time and it required the approach of the Modi government to begin action on those reports. Likewise, the income duty and enforcement directorate investigations on the Yadav family's benami properties is according to demands made by Nitish in the fallout of Modi's crackdown on benami property.

By supporting the Modi government on issues like the surgical strike, demonetisation, GST, and the Presidential decision, Nitish has made his position clear - that dissimilar to his companions in Opposition, he wouldn't indulge in legislative issues of pessimism but rather bolster or contradict Modi government on justify.

His nearby assistants in JD(U) point out that through many years of diligent work, Nitish has earned a picture of a clean and administration situated pioneer. That's his exclusive capital and he wouldn't care to lose it at any cost – least of just for defending defilement accusations against Lalu's family.

Sanjay Jha, national general secretary of JD(U), while speaking to Firstpost, stated: "Hamari sarkar chale yana chale, murmur mulyon ke saath samjhauta nahi karsakte (Regardless of whether we continue in government, we can't trade off on our qualities).

It must be recalled here that when Nitish had gone separate ways with the BJP in 2013, he had singularly sacked all the BJP ministers without informing them.

Under the conditions, the inquiry is not whether the JD(U)- RJD-Congress coalition is heading for a split but rather when.