I am addicted to tantric sex!

I am addicted to tantric sex!

By: Ritika shree
20 Sep 2017

Question: I am a 34-year-old married woman. A few months back, I started taking yoga classes from a home instructor. We became close and he introduced me to tantric sex and he taught me how to have an orgasm using meditative methods, massage and breath control techniques. Now I am addicted to this and cannot enjoy sex with my husband since my yoga guru has helped me reach a bigger climax. I cannot tell my husband nor can I keep away from enjoying tantric sex with my instructor. What should I do? Please help me. — By Anonymous

Answer by Rachana Awatramani : I am glad you found this platform to share your concern. I understand that you are in a difficult situation as you were introduced to tantric sex by your yoga teacher and now you are unable to enjoy sex with your partner. You are also in a situation where you feel that you cannot stop enjoying tantric sex and cannot share this with your husband too.

Tantric sex addiction, like any addiction, is an activity of temptation to make a person feel good. Unfortunately, it is a misplaced effort, which in the end can impact a person in a negative way and is often very isolating. Orgasm can be real sensitive as it can truly give you a glimpse of the complete satisfaction, which can be almost divine. This addiction gives you a bigger climax as you have mentioned, but unfortunately, an addiction can give you satisfaction only for a very short while.

At this situation, I would suggest that you can reflect on your actions and define your commitments with your husband. You can also speak to your husband regarding tantric sex, and try attempting something new and different in your sexual relationship with him.

Ms Rachana Awatramani is a Counselling Psychologist in Mumbai

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