NASA Probe Discovers Third New Planet Outside Solar System

By: Anoj Yadav
09 Jan 2019

 (TESS) has observed a third small planet outdoor our sun machine, scientists record.
the new planet named  orbits a vibrant, nearby dwarf big name about fifty three mild years away in the constellation Reticulum. It appears to have the longest orbital duration of the three planets to this point identified by way of TESS.
The surface of the new planet is possibly around three hundred tiers Fahrenheit and is surprisingly cool, given its proximity to its famous person, which is nearly as bright because the sun, stated the group from the Massachusetts Institute of technology in Boston.
"it's the good small planet that we know of around a celebrity this brilliant," stated lead researcher Diana Dragomir, a submit-doctoral scholar at the MIT.
HD 21749b journeys around its star in a fairly leisurely 36 days, in comparison to the two different planets -- Pi Mensae b, a "fantastic-Earth" with a 6.three-day orbit, and LHS 3844b, a rocky world that speeds around its famous person in just eleven hours.
The planet is about 3 times the size of Earth, which places it inside the category of a "sub-Neptune". particularly, it is also a whopping 23 instances as large as Earth.
however it is not likely that the planet is rocky and consequently liveable; it is much more likely made of fuel, of a kind this is plenty extra dense than the atmospheres of either Neptune or Uranus.
"We suppose this planet wouldn't be as gaseous as Neptune or Uranus, which might be generally hydrogen and virtually puffy," Dragomir said. "The planet probable has a density of water, or a thick environment."
The researchers have additionally detected proof of a 2d planet, even though now not yet confirmed, within the identical planetary device, with a shorter, 7.eight-day orbit. If it's miles confirmed as a planet, it is able to be the primary Earth-sized planet found by way of TESS.
The scientists introduced the effects at the annual American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle.
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launched in April 2018 for a -12 months undertaking, TESS will survey almost the entire sky via monitoring and piecing together overlapping slices of the night sky.

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