Rahul Gandhi Prepare to be PM Candidate in 2019, admits to Arrogance in 2012

Rahul Gandhi Prepare  to be PM Candidate in 2019, Admits to Arrogance in 2012
By: Ritika shree
12 Sep 2017

New Delhi: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday Told he was Ready to take charge in 2019 , his Direct Indication yet that he will be party's prime minister ministerial candidate in the Lok Sabha elections.

Sending students at the university of california in Berkeley , Gandhi also Accepted that few arrogance crept into the congress 1n 2012, two years bebore the bjp swept to power at the centre .

From dynasty to demonetisation, here’s a look at Rahul Gandhi’s top quotes at the event:

ON 2019 RUN

Around 2012 , a certain aggogance crept in the congress and they stopped having Interactions with the people ...I am prepare to take charge in 2019.

The Politics of Polarization is very Harmful. Hatred, Temper and Violence can destroy us.Liberal Reporters are being shot. People are being Punished, dalits are being murdered over suspicions of carrying beef, Muslims are murdered over suspicions of eating beef, all this is latest in India.

For Nine years, I worked behind the scenes with PM Manmohan Singh , P Chidambaram and a large number of People.We Worked quietly on J&K . When we started , terrorism was rampant in kashmir, when we Completed there was peace, we had broken the back of terrorism .By 2013 , we basically broke the back of terror. I hugged PM Manmohan Singh and said him it was one of the greatest achievements .

The Conclusion of demonetisation was taken without Opinion either the chief economic Advisor (CEA) or Parliament, resulting in severe damage across sectors.


The Modi government is clamping down on RTI which was kept transparent during our rule… He is my PM too. He is a good communicator, but he doesn’t listen to the people he works with. Many MPs and BJP members have told me that he doesn’t listen.


I lost my grandmother and father to violence. I used to play with the bodyguards who killed my grandmother. If I don’t understand violence, who will? The idea of non-violence is under attack today, yet it is the only idea which can take humanity forward….


Most of the country runs like this. That’s how India works. Dynastic politics is a problem in all political parties. Akhilesh (Yadav), (MK) Stalin and even (actor) Abhishek Bachchan are dynasts. Even (Prem Kumar) Dhumal’s son (Anurag Thakur) is a dynast, so don’t go just after me.


There is a BJP machine with about a thousand guys sitting on computers. They basically tell you things about me. They tell you I am reluctant, I am stupid; they tell you all these things. This operation is run by the gentlemen who runs our country.