Tigress found dead in river near Tadoba Andhari reserve

Tigress found dead in river near Tadoba Andhari reserve

By: shwetank shekhar
09 Apr 2016

A TIGRESS aged about 4-5 years was found dead in Huma river on the boundary of Sindewahi territorial forest and buffer area of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve on Friday.

The tigress found floating on water had her right hind leg broken in two parts and her canines missing. She was found to have suffered internal injuries.

Veterinary Dr. Ravi Wankhade, who performed the posthumous, said, "No particular reason can be offered because of putrefication of key organs.

It will be known when receipt of scientific reports for which tests have been sent." Wankhade said, "Plausibility of poaching seems remote since nails and different parts were in place." With this, the quantity of tigers discovered dead in Vidarbha this year has gone upto three, one in Deolapar Nagpur locale and two in Chandrapur.

In the neighboring Pench Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh, passings of three full developed tigers and two offspring have been recorded for the current year.

47 major felines dead this year

As per Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) measurements, the aggregate number of tigers dead for different reasons including poaching that can be represented from the current year's seizures and genuine tigers discovered dead is 47. The greatest seizure was of 5 tiger skins and 125 kg tiger bones in Uttarakhand on March 14. Four of these tigers were affirmed poached in Corbett National Park. Aside from these, skins and bones of 8 more tigers were grabbed for the current year: 6 kg bones at Pilibhit, 2 skins in Chattisgarh, 2 skins in Valmiki Tiger Reserve in Bihar, skull and bones in Karnataka, a skin in Kerala and a skin and bones in West Bengal.